Hello, my name is Pawel Hordyniak.
After finishing high school I was studying Architecture for 5 years at "Politechnika Śląska" in Gliwice, before moving to computer games. My first job was a 2d/3d background artist at Artifex Mundi. While working full time for them I was mostly responsible for creating concept art and background illustrations for hidden object gamest like "Grim Legends 3: The Dark City" and point'n'click game "Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love". Meanwhile I started to take part in projects for different companies as a freelance artist. I took part in development of card game "Minute Realms" for DV Giochi, and also did illustration work at Creative Assembly for "Queen and the Crone" DLC for Warhammer and "Curse of the Vampire Coast" DLC also for Warhammer. In 2019 I was contracted for several months as a concept artist for Riot Games to work on Tales of Runeterra. In 2021 I worked for MPC London as painter. My responsibility was creating arworks that served as an extra content for Amazon's Wheel of Time. Since 2022 I was invited again to Artifex Mundi to work on a huge RPG game project and I still currently work full time on this game.